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Future Fern originated in 2015 as a space to house the growing collection of multimedia endeavors Charlie O'Connell & friends were producing. Simultaneously Charlie was gaining a degree for Interdisciplinary Arts & Technology at the Peck School of Arts. After graduating Charlie jumped directly into the position as the Audio/Video Technician at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. This career path put all the studies to action from being the sound engineer for summer concert series, exhibition a/v production & installation to recording studio experience in the Sheboygan space ship known as M.I.K.E. After a half decade of full-time hands on experience Charlie started as sound engineer for Paradigm Coffee and Music. At the same time Charlie and partner Jordan Gottsacker opened a lifestyle shop called Honey and Ace. Future Fern also calls this storefront home base, which is located at 817 New York Ave. Sheboygan, WI.


Now the year is 2021 and Future Fern has helped develop over 50 sonic releases with video accompaniments. The original mission of providing a pillar of consistent creative output maintains plus a new aspect of assisting clients with the production plans and actions at affordable rates. 

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